Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Vintage, BBQ and Abseil galore

On Saturday 8 June, The Custard Factory just off the Digbeth High Street played host to ‘The Vintage Fair’ . For those who weren’t there - you missed out. Blessed with glorious sunshine and the tantalising smell of BBQ, I spent the day wandering around the stalls, which were a mixture of car boot and professional sellers, each packed with unique and quirky treasures. Needless to say my bank balance took a substantial hit.

After taking in as much antique furniture and vintage clothing as I could, with my friend, I headed to ‘yumm’ café where I purchased a warm wrap of mixed salad with some form of grilled cheese which came from Syria whose name I honestly couldn’t tell you (it may be useful to note that if you spend over a fiver here they allow you to have up to £50 cash back, saving you the £1.50 fee the cash machine the spa charges). We took our food to the only spot in which to be seen eating lunch on a sunny day at the Custard Factory - the large pool in the centre of the courtyard which sometimes (albeit rarely) has its fountain running - try finding a lunch spot like this in the Bullring!

The wrap, although very good, couldn’t exactly eliminate the longing I felt for the BBQ which was wafting its scent around the place. Next time I’m definitely going with the BBQ! (The pool is also a fabulous place to sooth hot and shopped-out feet!)

Apart from shopping, vintage, and BBQ’s, there was a lovely busker, a terrifying abseiling opportunity over the edge of one of the Custard Factory’s buildings for Acorn's Hospice and a rally of vintage motorcycles to entice the crowds. It was a perfect way to spend a summer Saturday, and I certainly recommend that you make it your mission to get yourself down to the next one which is on 3rd August.

Guest post written by Maysie Chandler, Oral History Interviewee
Photos courtesy of M Chandler

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