Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Chinese Community Centre - Birmingham interviews, 2 August

On 2 August 2013, I conducted an interview with two ladies at the Chinese Community Centre - Birmingham (CCC-B). CCC-B is located at the heart of Digbeth. It aims to promote cultural exchange, social and personal well-being within the Chinese community. The two ladies - Ms Fung and Ms Tang - were service users of the Hong Que Day Care Service. Hong Que provides vital services for the elderlies, such as hot meals, weekly shopping trips, health talks and recreational activities.

Upon arrival, I was given a warm welcome by Kate Gordon, the Senior Care Officer who helped to arrange the interview. I was then treated to lunch with the Hong Que grannies. The delicious and nutritious meal was prepared by a team of dedicated volunteers. As I was seated at the big round table, the grannies were eager to show their hospitality by piling delicious food on my plate. It was a lovely experience, which reminded me of being with my grandparents in Hong Kong.

After lunch, some of the Hong Que ladies went to the activity room to have a game of mahjong. It was a great way to socialise, as well as to exercise their mental dexterity. 

The interviewees and I were then led to the cosy 'Dragon Room' by Kong Sing Lee, the Care Support Worker. Mr Lee accompanied Ms Fung and Ms Tang throughout the interview, offering excellent support and helping to explain the procedures. It was fascinating to hear about their experiences and we are grateful for their participation in our archive.

Tessa Mo, Project Volunteer and Visual Documentation

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